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An Internship That Fits You
If you are student, a recent graduate or a young professional wishing to gain work experience abroad, our Global Internship Program may be the perfect opportunity for you!
Everyone Is Welcome
We're excited to know that your're interested in taking part in our Global Internship Program! To be eligible to apply, you must be a recent graduate, a master's candidate or a young professional.
Recent Graduates
Master's Candidates
Young Professionals
From a Variety of Regions
We select candidates from all over the world and from a wide diversity of fields. Our program emphasizes collaboration, cultural and expertise exchange, and passion for develioping candidates' full potential.
Program Advantages
The internship program offers broad based benefits and outcomes for indivduals keen to embark on this international adventure. Most of these are interwined and comt together to constitute the overarching experience.
International Learning
Language acquisition
Adoption of multi-faceted approaches
Analytical and problem-solving skills
Enhanced interest in global issues
Enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem
Maturity and social poise
Integration into another culture fosters and appreciation of home and family
Sense of accomplishment and development of independent opinions
Comfortableness in foregin' environments
Employers value experience gained overseas
Development of personal sensitivity towards others
Completion represents succeed through challenging times
Intern Benefits
Paid round-trip travel to Shenzhen
Housing nearby our main Shenzhen office
Emergency health coverage for the time spent in the country
Monthly stipend allowance
How to apply
We don't like formalities and prefer to see how unique you really are; however, we need you to comply with some procedures in order to get it all done. Please submit below you resume along with your personal application letter.
Tell us why you believe you can be a truly game changer, what makes you excited about coming to China or maybe, what you can make out of this opportunity.
Your file should be less than 5MB AND pdf,docx,doc or txt
Application letter
Your file should be less than 5MB AND pdf,docx,doc or txt
Thanks for you interest in our Global Internship Progra, we are looking forward to review your application.
After you have been nominated, you will need to complete the general application process. For more information, please read our Internship FAQ.
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