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Executive Team
Eric Zheng
CEO & Co-Founder
It has been 5 years since Iceagle was founded, and still today, Eric feels the same excitement that he had when starting. He continues pushing boundaries to support customers in their run for success.
Jay Pei
Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder
Graduated in International Economics & Trade, Jay worked as sales before deciding to start his own business. He is a basketball fan and believes that to be a truly game-changer, customer satisfaction has to be a priority.
Roy Luo
Sales Director & Co-Founder
Roy worked in sales for years before he joined Eric to found Iceagle. He believes that sense of humor creates a great service experience, and always pursues building a solid relationship with customers.
Management Team
Fanny Wang
Director Manager Accouting
Fanny is a happy mom of a one-year old kid, and a professional accountant with over 7 years’ experience in finance departments. She has an incredible attention to detail and loves numbers and mathematics.
Victor Sanchez
Marketing Director
With years in Perth, London, Spain and China, Victor has spent almost his entire career abroad. He has long experience targeting the right audience, and implementing marketing strategies is what he does the best.
Scarlett Zhang
International Sales Manager
Scarlett started working in sales since university. With over 6 years’ experience in the phone parts industry, she shares knowledge and trends with customers proving that their businesses are as important as hers.
Windy Lu
International Sales Manager
Born in Hubei, Windy is graduated in Business Administration, her 5 years’ experience in the phone repair industry makes her ideal for this role, she is energetic and excellent as primary business contact for the customers.
Katherine Zhuo
International Sales Manager
Since its foundation Katherine has been part of the core team. She is a disciplined leader, and was responsible to set up a rigorous quality control system. Her background covers technical expertise and sourcing.
Xiaozhuan Huang
Purchase Manager
With a strong leadership, procurement expertise and math skills, Xiaozhuan has a long experience reducing costs and negotiating with suppliers. He has improved the on-time delivery and reduced the inventory carry costs.
Guijia Zhu
Warehouse Manager
Guijia has an extensive knowledge of managing large-scale warehouse distribution systems. He is extremely organized and best at inventory software, and loves preparing and updating budget reports.
Operations Team
Dusk Wang
Senior Management Accouting
Dusk is a clerk with a Bachelor’s in Management and 4 years’ accounting experience. She also has 3 years expertise in finance and is brilliant at budgeting, cash control functions and data analysis.
William Xue
Senior Graphic Designer
After 5 years in Italy, William graduated from a top university in Turin, he was awarded with a 3 years scholarship and speaks a perfect Italian. He has experience in a variety fields, from media to design or advertising.
May He
International Sales Consultant
May was a top student at Liaoning University, she chose to work in sales because of the support she receives from customers, she always tries to make them feel special showing them her enthusiasm and sincerity.
Taney Wei
International Sales ConsuItant
There is not a day that Taney doesn’t arrive with a big smile and the most enthusiastic spirit to show her full potential. Her perseverance was also rewarded with two consecutive scholarship years at the university.
Jianpeng Zhou
Quality Control Technician
Jianpeng is a skilled worker with a key talent in overseeing all parts and components, he is best at using precision tools too and is really organized, he likes archiving all quality related administrative records.
Shaojie Zhou
Quality Control Technician
Shaojie runs daily analyses on parts and is exceptionally efficient and quick at reporting any damage found before the item is even labelled. He is really organized and ensure that the database is always up to date.
Jiani Zhan
Quality Control Technician
Jiani knows really well the industry, with previous experience as a purchaser, she is now best at examining, labeling and storing parts. She implemented new test methods to ensure quality complies with rigorous test standards.
Qingwang Zhang
Purchase Officer
Qinqwang has being involved for years in the repair phone industry, gave her a perfect understanding of the customer needs. She has also 3 years’ experience in processing orders, with a good record of maintenance and reports.
Xiaoyan Huang
Purchase Officer
With a deep understanding in purchase orders, sourcing, and vendors relations, Xiaoyan has a long experience in the industry, his main responsibilities are order processing, delivery arrangement and record maintenance.
Hui Lu
Purchase Officer
She is skilled in maintaining a purchase data and assisting in managing weekly order status reports. But Hui´s favorite task is reviewing and resolving supplier invoice discrepancies with outstanding results.
Gina Wu
International Sales Consultant
Gina has a passion on sales, with 4 years’ experience on business, she loves caring for customers’ needs. In the past, she was an internship representative, and while studying, she was the first finalist in an English contest!
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