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Will I be Notified at Each Processing RMA Stage?
Yes, you will be timely notified about every stage of request processing through e-mail.
How to Track an RMA?
Every RMA request has individual number assigned and can be tracked under RMAin My Accountmenu. Besides, the customer
can track returns history of all his orders.
What Does RMA Status Mean?
There are 14 different RMA Status that will be shown:
    ·  Pending on Review: RMA has been correctly submitted, we will review it as soon as possible.
    ·  Pending Information Provided Incomplete/Incorrect: Some of the information is missing or the information filled is invalid,
       after all the information is correctly provided the RMA will be Approved.
    ·  Approved - Awaiting Shipping Information from Customer: All the information provided has been reviewed and accepted, the
       customer can send the item(s) to us, and add the shipping tracking number information into the RMA.
    ·  Processing Item(s) Sent to Iceagle: The item(s) have been dispatched to us, as soon as we receive them we will update the
       RMA status to Item(s) Received.
    ·  Processing Item(s) Received Pending Outcome: We have received the item(s). We will inspect them and proceed to exchange
       them, repair them when possible, or refund the cost.
    ·  Processing Item(s) Received Pending Exchange/Repair: We have received the item(s). We are preparing new stock to replace
       or repair the product(s) if possible.
    ·  Processing Item(s) Shipped Back to Customer: The exchange item(s) have been already shipped back to the customer.
    ·  Solved Item(s) Received by Customer: The exchange item(s) have been received by the customer. The RMA has been completed.
    ·  Solved Item(s) Received by Customer (No Return Required): The customer doesnt have to ship to us the unwanted item(s).
       However, we have shipped the exchange item(s) and have already been received.  The RMA has been completed.
    ·  Solved Refunded: The item(s) cost have been returned to the customer. The RMA has been completed.
    ·  Solved Refunded (No Return Required): The customer doesnt have to ship to us the unwanted item(s). The item(s) cost have
       been returned to the customer. The RMA has been completed.
    ·  Solved Cancel Order: The order has been canceled. The RMA has been completed.
    ·  Declined: The RMA has been declined after being submitted, this can be caused by several reasons. E.g. RMA was incomplete
       and hasnt been reviewed by the customer for a period of time, the unwanted item(s) have not been shipped back to us, the
       warranty has already expired, the item(s) received have been damaged, etc. We will always notify the customer of the reason
       why an RMA has been declined.
    ·  Cancelled: The RMA has been cancelled.
What Does My Order Status Mean?
There are 6 different Order Status that will be shown:
    ·  Payment Reviewing: Your order has been placed successfully, but we are still in the process of confirming payment details. In
       order to process and ship your order, the successful payment must be obtained. Confirming wire transfer and western union
       payments may take additional time.
    ·  Payment Success: Your payment has been confirmed and will verify the information to ensure payment security. Your order
       will then be processed immediately.
    ·  Processing: We are now selecting the products you ordered. Before shipment we will go through quality controls and carefully
       pack the products you chose. Average processing time is 1-2 business days.
    ·  Shipped: Everything in your order has been packed and sent to the shipping address you provided.
    ·  Order Completed: The package has arrived at a local delivery point, if you haven't received your package, we'd advise you to
       contact the carrier to arrange a re-delivery or collect your item.
    ·  Canceled: This order has been canceled, please contact us with your Order No. if you want to know the reason.
How Can I Manage the Reasons When Requested a Return?
RMA lets you choose the reasons for returns as you need. Those reasons are as follows:
    ·  Defective Item(s): Product(s) have a defective design, assembly, or manufacture.
    ·  Damaged Item(s): At the moment of receiving the product(s), they were damaged or defective to the point of not being usable.
    ·  Item(s) Not As Described: The actual condition of the product(s) differ significantly from condition as described or part of the
       amount ordered is missing.
    ·  Incompatible: Product(s) are not compatible and therefore unusable.
    ·  Received Wrong Item(s): The delivered product(s) are not the one ordered.
    ·  Ordered Wrong Item(s): The delivered product(s) were marked in error.
    ·  No Longer Wanted: Customer changed his mind about the product(s).
    ·  Found Cheaper Somewhere Else: Customer has found a better price of the product(s) elsewhere.
    ·  Other: Any other reason not listed above.
How Does an RMA Work?
RMA process is designed to solve the problem of customers dissatisfaction of the product. Two main solutions for RMA are
exchange and refund. Under RMA you receive all the necessary information once the return is requested, which significantly
reduces the time required for RMA processing.
Can I Choose How I Want to Resolve the Issue?
Yes, RMA let customers decide the desire outcome between three given options:
    ·  Exchange Item(s): We will replace the items for new ones, or if possible, repair them.
    ·  Refund 30 day Risk Free Trial: Within 30 days of the purchase date you can request a full refund (Not including any payment
       fees or shipping charges).
    ·  Cancel Item(s): Orders that have not been processed can be cancel and receive a full refund (Not including any payment fees).
Can I Change Quantities for Any Given Order?
Yes, you can change the quantities of the goods that you want to return. After selected the order you will be able to edit the number
of items individually.
Can I Select Individual Items from My Order to Return Them?
Yes, you can select separate items from any given order.  
When Can I Create an RMA Request?
An RMA can be requested during the first 6 months after purchase, before the warranty period has already expired.
What Products are Supported by RMA System
It supports all types of products, including grouped and bundled products, however items must comply these requirements:

· The product must be returnable.
· It’s return period must be valid (6 months).
· All physical components must be included in the return.
What is RMA?
RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization, it is a part of the process of returning a product in order to receive a refund,
replacement, or repair during the product's warranty period.
Dear customer!
Thank you for your order and support.
We will deliver the goods as soon as possible.
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